Whistler Ski Swap Sale

Trueky sale has great dealds on NEW ski equipment, the ski swap has great deals on USED ski equipment

Same Weekend, same area

2017 The Swap (Sale with Awesome Prices)

Friday, October 6 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday, October 7 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday, October 8 9:00am – Noon

Base of Blackcomb Mountain – Under the Tent Don’t miss out on this annual winner! The Whistler Mountain Ski and Snowboard Swap is held in conjunction with Whistler Blackcomb’s Turkey Sale through the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend. This perennial landmark event represents incredible value in on-hill related clothing and equipment.

The SWAP (the “Sale With Awesome Prices”) has a proven reputation for quality pre-owned equipment for both kids and adults that simply cannot be found in other similar events in the region. Combine that with a wide assortment of clothing and accessories from several local Whistler retailers plus equipment, clothing and accessories from Whistler Blackcomb’s chain of retail outlets – and you have an unbelievable one-stop shopping opportunity for getting fully and economically outfitted for the winter season.

Looking to sell your equipment? Bring us your used skis, snowboards and boots and let us sell them for you. It’s that easy!

Whistler Turkey Sale

Annual Turkey Sale | Oct. 6 – 9, 2017

Get ready for the ski season with great deals at the Whistler Blackcomb Annual Turkey Sale.

Don’t miss Whistler Blackcomb’s legendary Turkey Sale from October 6-9, 2017. Save up to 50% off your favourite brands with new inventory stocked daily.

The Legendary Turkey Sale, where you can shop for the top name brands in ski and snowboard equipment under one roof, at huge pre season savings!

If you do one thing to get ready for the upcoming season, make sure you stop into the Turkey Sale!

2017 – Blackcomb Daylodge at the Base of Blackcomb Mountain
Friday – Locals / Pass Holders / EDGE Cardholders

October 6 Noon – 9:00pm
Saturday October 7 9:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday October 8 9:00am – 6:00pm
Monday October 9 10:00am – 5:00pm

The deals and activities don’t stop there. Local retailers, accommodation and restaurants are all sharing in the Thanksgiving spirit. The Turkey Sale, and all of the Thanksgiving activities that go along with it, starts at high noon Friday October 6, with a sale for locals and lasts through the weekend.

Don’t forget to pick up your Seasons Pass or EDGE Card while checking out the sale!

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Whistler, An Amazing Holiday Destination For Adventure Lovers

Ski Resort In North America – Whistler, An Amazing Holiday Destination For Adventure Lovers
By Ashwini KR Maurya

The words Holiday is enough to arouse the excitement and joy in the minds of people. However, the most troubling thing in the process is to finalize the holiday destination. Different people have different priorities and they select the destination accordingly. The ones who look forward to take rest and enjoy some quality time with their family and friends prefer to select a peaceful destination with serene beauty but those who are adventurous look forward to select a destination that offers ultimate fun and adventure. If you are one among those who are adventurous, you can prefer visiting a Ski Resort In North America – Whistler.

Skiing resorts are known for offering innumerable delights to the visitors. They offer almost everything that you might have ever dreamt of. One of the best and award-winning skiing resorts in North America which can be considered by you is Whistler Blackcomb. This renowned resort is located in the northern region of Vancouver, Canada. This ski resort is one of the largest resorts in North America and is greatly popular among the skiing lovers. It is one of the most popular and most-visited resorts with over 2 million guests all round the year.

Whistler Blackcomb comprises of snow-covered slopes which are stretched in about 8100 acres. This place is known for its majestic beauty and also comprises of 3 glaciers, sixteen alpine bowls, 200 plus marked trails with different ability levels etc. There is much more that can be enjoyed by the visitors. This place is really exciting during winters providing access to a plethora of adventurous activities on snow-covered mountains. The huge mountain tops provide outstanding skiing experience and you will really experience an adrenaline rush while enjoying the sport. Those who love panoramic views can also go for a gondola ride between the two mountains, Blackcomb and Whistler.

The visitors looking forward to visit this place will be delighted to know that this Ski Resort In North America, Whistler, is ranked the top-notch resort by the SKI magazine. So, get ready to experience thrilling adventures during your trip to this place. Apart from fun and adventure, Whistler Blackcomb is also known for terrain variety, Off-hill activities, digital presence, delicious cuisine, magical landscapes and luxurious lodging facilities.

This beautiful place is active all round the year but its beauty and liveliness increases to a great deal in winters. Some specifications regarding the mountains are further discussed below and with these details you can determine the venture you are going to have.

• The mountain receives an average snowfall of 396 inches.

• The total inbound terrains are extended up to 8,171 acres.

• The top elevation of the mountain is 7,494 feet.

• The bottom elevation of the mountain is 2,140 feet.

• The vertical drop at Whistler is 5,020 ft. and at Blackcomb is 5,280 ft.

• There are total 200+trails and 28 lifts.

Whistler Blackcomb is one of the top-notch mountains for skiing but there are several other activities which can be enjoyed by the guests. Some of them are discussed below.

Nordic Skiing

The visitors can go to the Nordic paradise that offers around 129 k trails with different styles and ability levels. The trains offered by this place are of Olympic quality trails with exceptional lodging facilities.

Dog Sledging

Enjoy a race on the snow-covered mountains on a sledge pulled by sled dogs. It is one of the best ways of exploring the hidden secrets and natural beauty of Whistler. You can either sit at the back and enjoy the ride or take lessons from the experts and ride the sledge yourself.

Gondola Ride and Sightseeing

Exploring the panoramic views of this exceptionally beautiful place can be fun from a certain height. Going on a gondola ride offered between the two mountain peaks allows the backpackers to enjoy the scenic beauty of the snow-covered peaks. The visitors can enhance their experience by enjoying dinner in a mountain restaurant.

Thrilling Nightlife

After a complete day of adventure and fun, enjoy the thrilling and lively nightlife of whistler in some of the great clubs located in the region. The visitors can either go to a club and enjoy drinks with their group and new friends or can sit with their family having fun around the fire.

The Whistler Blackcomb is a must to visit Ski Resort In North America – Whistler for ultimate fun.

Get to know more about Whistler and its attractions by visiting our Travel Website.

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Snow Boarding at Whistler in Canada

Snow Boarding at Whistler in Canada
By Sanjana Antony

Snow Boarding for fanatics of extreme sports at Whistler, North America is sheer bliss while cruising through the topography and trees make it pulsating.

Even if you are not much into snowboarding and if you would like to try out some of this pulsating sport then Whistler is where you need to head to. You will be glad since they have training courses where you can learn to snowboard with ease and in no time you will be snowboarding through the snowy terrain like a pro.

This is North America’s biggest mountains and the resort itself has won the best resort since the past 10 years. The unreal terrain, steeps, trees and big powder bows make it an excellent place for adventure sports enthusiasts. It isn’t surprising if snowboarding in Whistler is not on every extreme sportspersons list. The experiences are great and the competition is rife. You will see the best snowboarders here all trying to outdo one another and if you’re out there even as a spectator you will love the entire thrill and adventure of it.

There are a few companies with whom you can enroll yourself and it is guaranteed that you will learn all about the sport in no time. These companies eat, live and breathe snowboarding and are always happy to teach or pass on a few guidelines to the amateur snowboarder. Needless to say winter is the best time to visit this place so that you can enjoy the sport.

The area is a huge expanse almost 8000 acres of snow covered peaks of mountains that you can experiment all your moves in and follow trails. While cruising along the trails it is also easy to come across some territory that could be untouched and this gives sheer pleasure. There are several freestyle tips and tricks that an enthusiast can learn from the excellent pros.

In addition to enjoying the sport, the surrounding is picturesque and breathtaking. Every night all of us snowboarders sit around the campfire, enjoying a few warm drinks and some excellent food and share stories of how the trail was during the day. This is an excellent time also to pick up a few dos and don’ts. The snowboarding Olympic gold medalists Ross Rebagliati is said to have honed his skills right here at Whistler’s slopes. Whistler has been nominated for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympics Winter Games and the snowboarding Olympic medals are sure to return to Whistler.

Snowboarding in Whistler is an exciting feeling, especially when you’re up in the air, just for those 10-20 seconds when your air-borne you experience an absolute sense of freedom and an adrenaline rush that is unexplainable. Since snowboarding is an extreme sport you are bound to have several accidents and casualties. Precautionary measures and safety aids are therefore close at hand and trails that are too dangerous to try out have a signboard that will tell you that danger is ahead.

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Alpine Skiing Technique: Balance Early In The Turn

Alpine Skiing Technique: Balance Early In The Turn
By Ken Chaddock

I use Balance Early In The Turn as one my tenets of good skiing. In simple terms it means getting very balanced early in the turn, an instant before the skis really start to curve my line of travel. I use a three-point checklist for knowing I am balanced and ready for the next turn: am I balanced, am I able to move, and am I ready for a big increase in weight.

“Increase in weight?” you might ask. The increase in weight is a feeling, and a reality, that occurs during each turn. My stationary weight, what a bathroom scale measures when I stand on it, doesn’t increase. However, my speed-affected weight does. During a turn forces push up through my feet to deflect my line of travel into a curve, away from the direction that momentum and gravity alone would otherwise pull me along. The faster my speed or the sharper the turn, the heavier I feel and am. In combination, the total force pushing up through my feet, that is, my dynamic weight, or what I feel and what I must successfully resist in order to stay balanced, increases while the turn is underway.

Now back to my three-point balance checklist:

‘Be balanced’: feel centered on the soles of the feet, and stand quietly without any extraneous movements that make balancing harder than it already is, such as actively turning the upper body or tilting it sideways towards the outside of the upcoming turn. Use balance sensors as early warning signals and correct immediately. What I feel from my boots against my feet and lower legs, the tension in my core and upper body, even the tightness with which I grip my poles; are all valuable sensors that signal how well I am balanced.

‘Be able to move’: tense only as needed, turn the upper legs, and keep some range of motion in reserve. Employ the principle of ‘centricity’. Be able to relax more or tense more, be able to point knees more to the left or to the right, be able to stand taller or shrink smaller at any time. The mountain air may be cold, but, don’t freeze, stay mobile.

‘Be ready for a big increase weight’: move towards a posture that will be strong enough to resist the upcoming increase in weight when the turn arrives. Align limbs and torso for more strength, but with enough bend at the hips and knees so you can flex while your skis ride over bumps in the snow.

Getting these three aspects prepared before the onslaught of weight increase in the new turn will give you the best chance of skiing the perfect turn.

Ski Pro at Whistler Blackcomb, Canada (40+ seasons and 2500+ days skiing our two snowy giants) and Author of How I Ski: Expert Alpine Skiing Demystified! Find out more about the book and how to arrange ski time with the author at http://www.skiwellsimply.com. Thanks for reading!

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Ski Whistler Or Blackcomb – Which Mountain is Best

Ski Whistler Or Blackcomb – Which Mountain is Best
By Kenn Christie

Whistler Blackcomb combines two of the best ski mountains in the world all at one resort but until the new peak to peak gondola to get from one mountain to the other you had to go to the base of the mountain and then catch another lift up. This obviously wasted valuable skiing time, so most skiers would make choice for the day. So this made me wonder which would I choose.

Unfortunately my days on either mountain are fairly limited so I turned to a couple friends that have both spent a few seasons at Whistler Blackcomb to see which they preferred.

My friend John spent 2 seasons in Whistler living in the staff accommodation on Blackcomb & Sylvia spent 4 seasons in Whistler and has a preference for Whistler.

The Case for BlackcombMountain

John – “Both mountains are awesome so it is hard choice. I probably skied Blackcomb more because I lived on that side of the village but both mountains have their benefits depending on the conditions and your preference for terrain.

To fully understand their differences you need to go back to their history. Whistler was built in the 1960’s and runs were cut where ever they saw an opportunity for a great run. So Whistler has a more pioneering spirit designed by skiers for skiers.

Blackcomb on the other hand was purpose built and designed on a computer screen, resulting in the runs and lifts connecting much better, so it is ideal for skiers looking to cruise around and get heaps of runs in.

On a powder day it is a hard choice but if it is cold and sunny then 7th Heaven on Blackcomb offers Whistler Blackcomb’s only south facing bowl, which captures more sun to soften the cover.

Intermediate to advanced skiers or boarders can also head to the glacier which is only accessible off Blackcomb for fantastic open powder skiing where fresh tracks can be found even hours in to the day.

For hard core terrain park lovers Blackcomb also has the biggest half pipe and terrain park.

For kids and kids at heart Blackcomb’s Adventure Centre is complete with a Magic Castle, tunnels and fast turning kids friendly banks through the trees. Blackcomb is also the home of the ski tubing park and night skiing.

The Case for Whistler

Sylvia -“After 3 seasons living and working with the locals I tended to ski where the locals preferred and for most of my friends this was Whistler.

Whistler generally has more challenging terrain including a terrifying 50 ft cliff jump called Air Jordan. The back bowls in Whistler offer heaps of wide off-piste skiing. And as the runs where cut by skiers they tend to offer better fall line and challenges.

I particularly love skiing trees and whilst both mountains have some great tree skiing, off the Peak chair in Whistler there is no comparison.

In spring when the snow is getting softer Whistler tends to holds it snow better so Whistler is often a better option later in the season.”

Whistler Vs Blackcomb

So not very conclusive as both Whistler and Blackcomb are amazing mountains and have more than enough terrain and challenges to keep any level of skier or snowboard in snow holiday bliss – I guess it all comes down to your preferences and conditions on the day.

Fortunately with the new Peak to Peak Gondola the choice of which mountain to ski just that little bit easier to make!

For a useful comparison of online ski and snowboard rental options in Whistler Blackcomb check out Whistler Blackcomb Ski Rentals

You can easily book your ski rental online and in the comfort of you home plus – Save of up to 20% off walk in rental rates – Quicker pick up on arrival – Secure special sizes and even – Secure your preferences in skis or snowboard

Ken – is a snow enthusiast with over 20 years experience working, skiing and snowboarding around the world. Now Ken spends most of his time promoting websites and working on his internet marketing blog at [http://www.funnelwebmarketing.com/blog]

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