Cheap Whistler Lift Tickets – $85

Cheap Whistler Lift Tickets

ski whistler

I always go to 7/11 to buy lift tickets before heading to the hill, there is one in Squamish on the way up

Courtesy of, a cheaper way is offered:

The tickets are sold by the Students’ Union at Capilano University in North Vancouver. I called them the other day to clarify some of the details and here they are:


As I mentioned earlier, the cost of the tickets are $85 including tax. That’s $11.26 cheaper than comparable 7-11 Whistler tickets which sell for $96.26 including tax. They do not sell any Senior/Youth or Children’s tickets. If you want these type of tickets I recommend trying our Ticket Wizard or going to a 7-11 store.


These cheap lift tickets for Whistler are available to anyone. In other words you do not have to be a student of the university. I was also told that there were no restrictions on the number of tickets that you can purchase at one time either.

For more Cheap Whistler Lift Tickets info, check the website or Cap College Students Union